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Uneven development of housing and real price increase in South Korea

“The Economist house-price indices”…/graphicd…/2018/02/daily-chart-5… The Economist has provided interesting visualisation of housing price index for 27 economies and 20 cities in the US. They have correctly identified that “FINANCIAL media focus most of their attention on stocks and bonds, but the world’s biggest asset class is actually residential property. With an estimated value of […]

홍콩에서의 단상

길다면 길고 짧다면 짧을 3주간 여행/출장 막바지. 일요일 오전이면 런던으로 돌아간다. 홍콩 1박, 베트남 호치민 5박, 다시 홍콩 2박, 광저우 11박, 다시 홍콩 2박. 앞으로도 홍콩이 출장 Hub이 될 듯 하다. 장기간 출장 막바지엔 항상 그렇듯이, 더 이상 어찌할 수 없는 일은 잊고, 미루었던 일 처리해야 할 압력과 여독이 함께 몰려 오기 시작한다. 그래도 여행의 […]

‘Property Gate’

A number of South Korean ‘elites’ grabbing their share in MB administration are suspected of having been involved in real estate speculation, tax evasion attempts and illegal transaction. Is this representative of abnormal behaviour of some corrupted politicians, officials or professionals? This is very doubtful… Here, I try to re-visit and compile all the cases […]


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