Public Writings

Zhao, Y., Koh, S.Y. and Shin, H.B. (2021) Green urbanism and speculative urbanisation at Forest City, Iskandar Malaysia. LSE Southeast Asia Blog, 22 February

Shin, H.B. (2020) Seoul rising. The Architectural Review No.1477, pp. 50-51

Shin, H.B. (2018) The geographies of gentrification in East Asia. The Newsletter (International Institute for Asian Studies) No.79, p. 15

Shin, H.B. (2017) Owning less and sharing together to co-habit. Small is Beautiful 255: 32-37 [In Korean: 신현방 (2017) 어떻게 덜 소유하고 함께 정주할 것인가. <작은것이 아름답다> 255호, 32~37쪽]

Lees, L., Shin, H.B. and López-Morales, E. (2017) Planetary Gentrification. MIT Displacement and Research Action Network (DRAN): Blog Symposium on New Directions in Displacement Research

Nicolau, M. and Shin, H.B. (2017) The Rio Olympic Games and Socio-spatial 7 March 2017

Shin, H.B. (2017) How stubborn ‘nail houses’ take a stand against China’s rapid urbanisation. The Conversation. 20 March 2017

Shin, H.B. (2016) Gentrification as a ‘disaster’: What can we do about it? Proceedings of the Seongdong District Forum on Anti-Gentrification and Sustainable Urban Regeneration. Seoul: Seongdong Distict Government [In Korean: 신현방 (2016) 젠트리피케이션이라는 ‘재난’, 어떻게 극복할 것인가? <젠트리피케이션 방지와 지속가능 도시재생을 위한 포럼 자료집> 서울: 성동구청] [View]

Shin, H.B. (2016) Dreaming about a world without gentrification (젠트리피케이션 없는 세상 꿈꾸기). The Hope Institute blog. 21 January [In Korean]

Shin, H.B. (2016) Gentrification: Whose city? Coffee Vol.171 (March 2016), p46 [In Korean: 신현방 (2016) 젠트리피케이션: 누구의 도시인가? <월간 커피> 통권 171권 3월호, 46쪽]

Shin, H.B. (2013) China’s speculative urbanism and the built environmentChina Policy Institute Blog, University of Nottingham. 24 April 2013

Shin, H.B. (2013) Development and dissent in China’s ‘urban age’. 25 February 2013

Shin, H.B. (2012) Looking back and ahead: Lessons from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (London 2012 – Olympic Series) LSE Blog Series on the London Olympic Games. 1 August 2012

Shin, H.B. (2007) An interview with Anne Power: The role of communities in urban regeneration and social mix. Planning and Policy Vol.309, pp.85 – 97, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlement

Shin, H.B. (2007) An interview with Fulong Wu: Understanding China’s urban transformation in post-reform period. Planning and Policy Vol.305, pp.81 – 101, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlement


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