Journal Special Issues

Shin, H.B., Zhao, Y. and Koh, S.Y. (2022) The urbanising dynamics of global China: Speculation, articulation and translation in global capitalism. Urban Geography 43(10): 1457-1571

Moreno, L. and Shin, H.B. (eds.) (2018) The urban process under planetary accumulation by dispossession. CITY: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action 22(1): 78-168

Shin, H.B., Lees, L. and López-Morales, E. (eds.) (2016) Locating gentrification in the Global East. Urban Studies 53(3): 455-625

López-Morales, E., Shin, H.B. and Lees, L. (eds.) (2016) Latin American gentrifications. Urban Geography 37(8): 1091-1252

Shin, H.B. (ed.) (2016) Developmental urbanisation and gentrification. Space and Environment 26(3): 5-114 [In Korean: ‘발전주의 도시화와 젠트리피케이션’ <공간과 사회> 26권 3호, 5-114쪽]


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