Invited Talks


The 4th Researcher Conversation Series: Meeting the Editors: Publishing in Leading Development Journals, Cambodia Development Resource Institute, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 16 December

“Challenges of exporting Korean urbanism”, Seminar for Korean Business Community in the UK, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 28 October

“Urban Korea Inc.? A critical analysis of South Korea’s export of its urban development model to Kuwait” (online), Department of Asian and North African Studies, Ca’Foscari University of Venice, Italy, 20 October

“Urban growth and social movements in Asia”, US-Asia Law Institute, New York University School of Law, USA, 22 September [View]

“Urban Korea Inc.? A critical analysis of South Korea’s export of its urban development model to Kuwait” (online), NTU Webinar Series AY22/23, Sociology Programme, School of Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 19 August

“Theorising from where? Reflections on scholarly writing from the global East” (online), Virtual Geography Speaker Series 2021-2022, Department of Geography, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, 22 July

Public Lecture (online), “Speculative urbanisation and the politics of displacement in gentrifying Seoul”, 2022 IKSU Korean Studies Summer School, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, Lancashire, 21 June

“Whose renewal? Critical reflections on the aspirational politics of urban changes” (online), International Panel, International Conference on Sustainable Urban Renewal, Renmin University of China, 18 June

Discussant, “London’s Regeneration and Housing Strategies and Policies in the London Plan” (online), GAOK (Governors Association of Korea) Webinar: Online Training Programme, 16 June

Discussant, “Stories of Spatial Violence in Asian Cities” (online), The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College London, 10 June [View]

“Planetary gentrification: Views from the global East” (online), Graduate School of Environmental Studies Colloquium, Seoul National University, 10 June

“Planetary gentrification: Revisit and reflections” (online), Urban Governance and Development Lecture Series, School of Public Administration and Policy, Renmin University of China, 13 April [Summary in Chinese available here]

“Can smart cities solve the housing crisis? A study on Korea-Kuwait partnership for a new smart city in Kuwait” (online; with Do Young Oh), Future-Proofing Kuwait: Urban Policymaking in the 21st Century, MLSE Middle East Centre, 10 March [View]

“Gentrifying Seoul”, Panelist (online), Panel on Seoul City Planning: Gentrification and Resistance. Korea Future Forum 2022, LSESU Korea Future Association, 3 March

“Urban transformation ‘Korean style’: Lessons from property-based urban development” (online), Urban Property Lecture Series, Institute for Global Prosperity, University College London, 23 February

Memorial Lecture (online), “The Politics of Property and Asian Urban Futures”, Activity Summarization Symposium, Urban Research Plaza, Osaka City University, 12 February

“The Urban Agency of Speculative Urbanisation: the Experience of Korea” (online), RSA International Hour: Korea, 27 January

“Urban Transformation ‘Korean Style’: Lessons from Property-based Urban Development” (online), Panel: South Korea’s Unprecedented Promotion to Development Economy: What’s Next? LSESU Korea Future Association, 26 January


Discussant (online), Conference on Housing Policies for One-person Households, The Korean Regional Development Association and the Seoul Metropolitan Government, 9 December

“In the Shadow of State-led Gentrification: The Commercialisation of Residential Properties in Seoul” (online), SASS Research Seminar Series, School of Arts & Social Sciences, Monash University Malaysia, 24 November

Expert Group Meeting (online) on the forthcoming report on the United Nations Human Rights report on Spatial Segregation, organised and invited by the  United Nations Human Rights Special Rapporteur on adequate housing, 19 November

Expert Group Meeting (online) on ASEAN Sustainable Urbanisation Report, ASEAN Secretariat and UN-Habitat, 7 October

“Urban Transformation ‘Korean style’: Lessons from Property-based Urban Development” (online), Research Seminar on Urbanisation of South Korea and the role of the Public Sector, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements, Sejong, South Korea, 7 September

Keynote (online): “Frontiers of Gentrification: Perspectives from Asia”, Symposium on Neighborhood Transformation in East Asian Cities: Is ‘Gentrification’ the right frame of reference? 1 September

Public Lecture (online), “Speculative Urbanisation and the Politics of Displacement in Gentrifying Seoul”, 2021 IKSU-AKS Korean Studies Summer School, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, Lancashire, 30 June

Public Lecture (online), Webinar “Urbanising Asia and the Political Economy of Uneven Development”, Seoul AZALEAS Webinar Series #5, AEFE French School students in the Asia-Pacific Zone, 30 March

Keynote (online) and Discussant: “places ‘off the map’: bringing to light the hidden locations of urbanisation”, Dislocating Urban Studies Workshop Series, 19 March 

Discussant (online): Trajectories of Spatial Violence in Southeast Asian Cities, Report Launch, Development Planning Unit, The Bartlett, University College London, London, 9 March


Keynote (online): Virtual Symposium on Making and Unmaking of the Speculative City: Urban Politics in South Korea, University of Toronto, Toronto, 6 November

Discussant (online): Book Launch, On the Margins of Urban Korea: Core Location as Method and Praxis (2019), University of Toronto, Toronto, 25 September

International Forum, Institute for Urban Humanities, University of Seoul, South Korea, June 2020 [Declined] 

Keynote: International Conference on Urban Living Environment and Spatial Economics, Jinan University (jointly organised with the International Association for China Planning), Guangzhou, 22-23 June 2020 [Declined]

Think and Drink Colloquium, Institut für Sozialwissenschaften Stadt- und Regionalsoziologie, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 11 May [Postponed]

Keynote: City Debates, American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 16-18 March 2020 [Postponed due to COVID-19] 

“Neoliberal Urbanism and Social Movements Responses to Housing Struggles in Asia”, Kick-Start Workshop on “Framing Living Heritage as Tool to Prevent Spatial Violence in Yangon, Myanmar”, Development Planning Unit, UCL, London, 3 February

“Socialism and the multiplicity of green: Rethinking the materiality and aesthetics of state projects in China” (with Yimin Zhao) and Panelist in “Capitalism, Infrastructure, Logistics” Panel Session, Logistics and Infrastructure Workshop, University of Oxford, Oxford, 10-11 January


“Contesting Property Hegemony in Asian Cities”, Brown Bag Seminar, Khazanah Research Institute, Kuala Lumpur, 17 December

Panelist, Public event: “Global Attack on Academia: examples from Turkey, Egypt, China/Asia, India, and the UK” hosted by LSE Library, LSE Human Rights and LSE Centre for Contemporary Turkish Studies, LSE, London, 29 November

“Moving the Mountain and Greening the Sea for Whom? ‘Forest City’ and the Transplantation of Green Urbanism in Iskandar Malaysia” (with Sin Yee Koh and Yimin Zhao), Making Africa Urban workshop (ERC project kick-off workshop organised by Jenny Robinson), October Gallery, London, 13-14 November

Closing Plenary: UCL Conference on At the Frontiers of the Urban: Thinking Concepts and Practices Globally, London, 12 November

Discussant, “Urban Imaginaries of Gentrification” by Christoph Lindner (The Bartlett, UCL), Department of Media and Communications Seminar Series, LSE, London, 28 November

Public Lecture: “The political economy of (neo-)developmental urbanisation: Reflections on Asian urbanisms”, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, The Bartlett UCL, London, 8 November

Invited participant in Roundtable on Theorising Urban Violence (convened by Ash Amin), The British Academy, London, 30 October

“Gentrification in Asia”, The 2nd Asia Global Cultural Studies Forum, Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto, 26 October [via Skype]

Keynote: The 3rd Conference of Korean PhD Students and Researchers in the UK, London, 28 September

Keynote: Inter-Disciplinary Workshop in Development Studies: Urban Transformation, Centre for New Economics Studies, Jindal School of International Affairs, O.P. Jindal Global University, Haryana, 21 September

Lecture: “In the shadow of state-led gentrification: The commercialisation of residential properties in Seoul”, Centre for the Study of Regional Development, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, 17 September

“Urbanisation of (East Asian) Capital, and the Rise of Enclave Urbanism in Vietnam”, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 12 September

“Urban Transformation with ‘Korean Style’: Lessons from Property-based Redevelopment by the Korean Developmental State”, International Workshop: Reconsidering Korean Urban and Regional Development Experiences: Implication for International Cooperation, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements, Seoul, 28-29 August

Coping with Crisis in Developmental Urbanization: The Case of Songdo City, South Korea”, Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy, 9 July 

Invited Panel Speaker, “Sustainability – who, what, why, where and how”, ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference (ASEAN ERC), Cambridge, 6 July

In the shadow of state-led gentrification: The commercialisation of residential properties in Seoul”, Centre for East and Southeast Asian Studies, Lund University, Lund, Sweden, 25 April

Panelist, “Workshop: Space, Place, Power and Scales: New Perspectives on the Geography of the Republic of Korea”, EHESS Korean Geography Workshop, Paris, France, 20 March


“China’s Urbanisation and Gentrification as State Project”, East Asia Lunch Seminar, Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway, 1 November

“Linguistic Fluidity and the Spectre of (Planetary) Gentrification”, Symposium on Frontier of Gentrification, The Academic Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers, Wakayama University, Wakayama, Japan, 23 September

“Planetary Gentrification”, Symposium on Gentrification in Metropolitan Regions, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan, 21 September

Panelist, 1st Gyeong-eui-seon Urban Commons Forum, Center for Asian Cities, Seoul National Univeristy, Seoul, South Korea, 14 September

Invited Lecture on (Anti-)Gentrification, Mapo Central Library, Seoul, South Korea, 30 August

Keynote: City+ Conference for PhD students and early career researchers on urban studies, UCL, 15 September [Declined]

Panelist, Workshop: “Smart Cities: ‘Provincializing’ the Global Urban Age in India and South Africa”, Department of Geography, KCL, London, 27 April

“Circulation of Urbanism and Real Estate Capital: Korean Developers in Vietnam”, Seminar of the Centre for Korean Studies, EHESS (Ecole des hates études en sciences sociales), Paris, France, 13 April

“Planetary Gentrification”, Post-Urbanism Project Group, Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan, 24 March

“The Political Economy of Mega-events as Spectacles in the Global East”, The Academic Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers, Tokyo Gakugei University, Tokyo, Japan, 23 March

“Circulation of Urbanism and Real Estate Capital: The Case of Singaporean and Korean Developers in Vietnam”, SEAC Research Seminar, Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre, LSE, 20 February

Opening Speech and Panel Chair, LSE Korea Future Forum 2018: Korea in the G-2 Era, LSE, London, 10 February

Discussant, “Governing the Future City: End of Grant Workshop”, Department of Geography, UCL, hosted at October Gallery, London, 16 January


“International Gentrification Research and Challenges for South Korea”, Seminar, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements, Sejong, South Korea, 26 October

IJURR Keynote Lecture: Gentrification and the Post-Socialist City,7th International Urban Geographies of Post-Communist States Conference: A view on cities from elsewhere, Kyiv, Ukraine, 26 September

Anti-Gentrification Workshop: A Walk in Gaepo-dong, Takeout Drawing and Jae-Mi-Nan School, Seoul, South Korea, 2 September

Discussant, CSK Book Workshop, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, 19 March

Keynote: Hackathon Series: Connectivity, KCL ASEAN Society and LSE SU ASEAN Society, LSE, London, 4 March

Opening Speech and Panel Chair, LSE Korea Future Forum 2017: “How are you, Korea?”, LSE, London, 4 February

“Urbanisation of capital and dispossession of rights”, Conference on China’s Stability at Risk: Economic, Social and Environmental Challenges, Centre for Asian Studies, IFRI-Paris, Paris, France, 26 January


“Planetary Gentrification: What it means for East Asia”, Globalisation, Urbanisation and Identity Series, Department of Art, Goldsmiths, University of London, London, 14 November

Keynote: “The Political Economy of Speculative Urbanisation in East Asia”, Symposium on Speculative Urbanization in East Asia, Asian Institute, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, 2 November

Discussant, Book manuscript workshop: City Dreams: Korean Popular Culture and the Selling of Place, Department of Asian Studies, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas, U.S.A., 29 October

“Speculative urbanisation, Dispossession and Gentrification”,Kosmos-Workshop: Universal Gentrification? Conceptual Challenges of Comparative Urbanism, Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 13-15 October

Keynote: Utopian Urban Futures: Histories, Imaginations, Possibilities Conference, School of Geography, University of Leeds, Leeds, 27-28 June

“Speculative urbanisation, gentrification and the right to the city”, Symposium on City of Hope, The Seoul Institute, Seoul, South Korea, 23-24 June

“Envisioned by the state: Entrepreneurial urbanism and the making of Songdo City, South Korea”, Conference on Global Cities and Urban Studies: Korea in Comparative Perspective, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, 16-18 June

“Reconceptualising the urban: China’s urbanisation and its implications for global urban studies on Gentrification”, Workshop: From Chicago to Shenzhen: The City One Hundred Years On, Department of Public Policy, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, 6-7 June

Keynote: Gentrification Forum, Seongdong District Government, Seoul, South Korea, 27 May [Declined due to schedule conflict; Contributed to its proceedings]

“Urban accumulation and the ‘culture of property’: Beyond the authoritarian nature of the state in China”, Workshop: Decoding the Urban – Engaging with Current Debates on Urban Processes in India and China. CEIAS-CNRS, EHESS, Paris, France, 11-12 May

Workshop: Changing values/ideas/ethics in China, Department of Anthropology, LSE, London, 10 May

Keynote: “What is the problem with gentrification in South Korea?” National Assembly Forum on Addressing Gentrification Problems, Takeout Drawing and ‘Eul-committee’ at The Minjoo Party of Korea, Seoul, South Korea, 11 March

Panelist, Session on “Comparative Regional Issues in the Dynamics of Geopolitics and Migration”, African Leadership Centre’s 2016 MSc Student Conference on Leadership: Migration and Geopolitics in Africa, Asia and Latin America, King’s College London, London, 18 February

“Developmental urbanisation and the genealogy of urban rights in South Korea”, Centre of Korean Studies, SOAS, London, 26 February

Panelist, Sessions on “What is the ‘new Asia’?” and “Gentrification: Who benefits?”, Bangkok Edge Festival (, Bangkok, Thailand, 13-14 February

Panelist, the 2nd Hans Crescent symposium on Beyond the Smart City: Towards a Democratic Alternative. 20 February, London

Plenary: Mokmingwan Policy Forum (Network of Elected Mayors), Jeonju, 8 January, South Korea [Declined due to schedule conflict; Contributed to its proceedings]


Public Lecture: “Urban regeneration without gentrification?” Dalpaeng’i Gongbubang, The Hope Institute, Seoul, South Korea, 24 December

Keynote: “Is it possible to have urban regeneration without gentrification?” Policy-network Forum, Asia Center, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea, 23 December

“Property before people? Urban regeneration, gentrification and displacement”, International Seminar on Suwon’s Strategies for Leading the Future, Suwon Research Institute, Suwon, South Korea, 16 December

“Dreaming of a world without gentrification”, 5th Hannam Forum, Takeout Drawing, Seoul, South Korea, 14 December

Public Lecture: “Asset accumulation-oriented urban regeneration and gentrification”, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul, South Korea, 14 December

“Remaking cities without gentrification”, Department of Economics, Gyeongbuk University, Daegu, South Korea 10 December

“China meets Korea: The Asian Games, entrepreneurial local states and debt-driven development”, SNUAC Visiting Scholars Brown Bag Seminar Series, Asia Center, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea, 2 December

Roundtable Discussion on planetary gentrification, Thompson Reuters Foundation, London, 25 November

“Economic transition and speculative urbanization in China: Gentrification versus dispossession”, mini-Conference on Gentrification in the Context of East Asian Developmental Urbanization, Asia Center, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea, 21 October

”Progressive Cities and the Genealogy of Urban Rights”, Seoul as a Model of Progressive City conference, The Seoul Institute, Seoul, South Korea, 15-16 October

Keynote: “Learning from Urban China”, at ‘Placing Culture in Urban China’ Workshop, Department of Geography, University College London, London, 2 July

”Speculative Urbanisation and the Politics of Displacement”, Roundtable: Geopolitical Economies of Development and Democracy, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, 27-29 May

Keynote: ”Speculative Urbanisation and the Politics of Displacement”, the East Asian Conference on Housing Welfare, The Seoul Institute, Seoul, South Korea, 14-16 May

Keynote: “The Political Economy of Speculative Urbanisation in East Asia”, the International Conference on Urban challenges in the XXI Century, Centro de Investigaciones Interdisciplinarias en Ciencias y Humanidades, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City, Mexico 4-8 May

Guest Lecture: “Mega-projects and Urban Development”, Special Events for MSc Local Economic Development students, Department of Geography and Environment, LSE, London, 20 March

“Whither Speculative Urbanisation? Asian Urban Futures in the (coming) Age of De-Growth”, The Speculative City: Emergent Forms of the Built Environment, An Interdisciplinary Symposium at The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, 6-7 March

“Rethinking the Urban and Urban Centrality”, Defining the Urban workshop, School of Environment, Education and Development, University of Manchester, Manchester, 9 February

UK-China Urban Transformations and Low Carbon Cities Scoping Workshop, jointly organised by the ESRC (UK), EPSRC (UK) and NSFC (China), Chengdu, China, 21-23 January


“Is China gentrifying? Economic transition, speculative urbanisation and accumulation by dispossession”, China Planning Research Group seminar, University College London, London, 12 November

How Chinese cities are different from each other?”, Beneath the Surface: Issues Making Modern China, Northstar, London, 17 October

Discussant, Workshop: Grassroots Implementation of Planning and Policy: Residents’ Involvement and Indifference in Chinese Cities, Department of Anthropology, LSE, 25-26 September

“Contesting speculative urbanisation and strategising discontents”, The City at a Time of Crisis: Tracing and Researching Crisis-ridden Urban Public Spaces in Athens, Greece, Athens, Greece, 9-10 May

“Is China gentrifying? Economic transition, speculative urbanism and accumulation by dispossession”, School of Geography seminar, University of Leeds, Leeds, 12 February

Discussant, the Urban Uncertainties workshop, Shifting ground: The precarity of land on the urban periphery, LSE Cities, London, 30 January


Discussant, Debating Planetary Urbanisation Symposium, Department of Geography, UCL, London, 13 December

“Local Government Entrepreneurship and State Developmentalism in China”, International Workshop on Local Government Entrepreneurship in China: Dynamics, Achievement and Risks, Tsinghua University (co-hosted with Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore), Beijing, China, 25-26 October

“Developmental State with Gangnam Style: Land Dispossession and Capital Accumulation in a Late Industrialisation Context” (with Jung Won Sonn, UCL), International Workshop on Re-locating East Asian developmental states in their transnational and local contexts, Asia Center, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea, 22-23 August

Public Lecture, “China’s speculative urbanism and the discontents” at the College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, 14 August

“Urban Transformation in China: the Right to the City and Critical Reflections on China’s Property Rights Activism”, China Planning Research Symposium, China Planning Research Group, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL, London, 31 May

Discussant, Workshop on Economic Inter-dependence and Comparative Regional Dynamics in Developed and Developing Economies: Trade and Regional Trajectories in China and the EU, University of Sussex, Brighton, 16-17 May

China’s middle class in making”, The New Asian Middle Class Signature Conference, Asia House, London, 8 April

“Development and Dissent in China’s ‘Urban Age’”, LSE Student Union China Week, “What is Contemporary China?”, London, 7 March


“Provincialising theory and comparative urban studies”, BICC Workshop on New Directions in Urban Chinese Studies, Centre of Urban History, University of Leicester, Leicester, 17 December

Panelist, Rise of China’s Megacities: Young Professionals China Discussion and Networking, London, UK. Organised by the China-Britain Business Council, the China-Britain Youth Association and Ernst & Young Far East Network, London, 10 September

5th Local Economic Development Forum on Prospects and Constraints for Local Economic Development, Department of Geography and Environment, LSE, London, 10 March


“Entrepreneurial State and East Asian Urbanism: State Mediation in Property Rights Transfer through Compulsory Purchase’, The International Conference on Regional and Urban Development in the 21st century and the Lingnan Forum, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China, 17-18 December


Plenary: “The Rise of China Inc. and the Neoliberal Urbanisation”, International Symposium on Entering the Century of Cities, Osaka City University, Osaka, Japan, 15 December

“Mega-events and Urban Spatial Restructuring”, Research Seminar Series, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL, London, 17 November

“Understanding Urban Renewal Processes and Gentrification under (Post-)Developmental State in South Korea”, Faculty of Architecture, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile, 12 November

“New Dynamics in Neighbourhood and City Change: Asian Experiences”, Faculty of Architecture, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile, 8 November

“Neoliberal Urbanisation and East Asian Cities”, Research Seminar Series, Department of Urban Planning and Design, Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, 22 September

“Olympic Cities and Event-driven Urban Development”, School of Government, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China, 15 September

“Olympic Cities and Mega-event Politics in Developing Countries”, School of Urban Planning and Geography, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China, 13/20 September

“Property-led urban regeneration and challenges to urban conservation in Chinese cities”, CCS Workshop, Urban Research Plaza, Osaka City University, Osaka, Japan, 2 June

“Urban conservation and revalorisation of dilapidated historic quarters: the case of Nanluoguxiang in Beijing”, China Planning Research Group (CPRG) Seminar Series, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL, London, 27 January


“Urban redevelopment and gentrification in Seoul: physical determinism versus social lives”, Public lecture at The Centre of Urban Planning & Research, Guangzhou Planning Institute, Guangzhou, China, 12 May

“City Marketing and Place Promotion in East Asia: the Case of Beijing Summer Olympiad”, Centre for East Asian Studies, University of Bristol, Bristol, 16 March

“Beijing Olympic Games and the survival of ‘urban villagers’”, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Leeds, Leeds, 11 March

“Mega-events in China: Social Implications for Local Residents”, Department of Geography and Environment, LSE, London, 10 March


“Privatising the ‘public’: Land expropriation and the poverty of community participation in urban development”, International Seminar on Urban Administration or Governance – A China-Europe Dialogue, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China, 4-5 December

“China’s ‘Go West’ policy and urban regeneration: the case of Xining in Qinghai province”, Urban Research Centre Seminar, Department of Geography and Environment, LSE, London, 28 October

“‘Playing by the rules’: How to reach international audience”, Postgraduate Seminar at Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China, 25 September

“Empowerment or Marginalisation: Property Rights Reform and Urban Poor Residents”, International Workshop on Comparative Urban Marginalization and Poverty Studies’, Urban China Research Centre, Cardiff University, Cardiff, 12-13 June

“Reviving Shrinking Communities and Mega-event Hosting in South Korea: A Review of Recent Experiences”, International Symposium on Japan’s Shrinking Regions, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, 3-5 July


International Symposium on ‘Livelihoods, Mobility and Development: The Chinese Experiences’, hosted by the National Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Leeds, Leeds, 30 November

Workshop | ‘City B/lights: Narratives of Historical Representation and Physical Regeneration’, Centre for East Asian Studies, University of Bristol, Bristol, 28 February


“Slum redevelopment and public-private-community partnership: the changing neighbourhoods in Seoul and Beijing”, ASEF-Alliance Annual Asia-Europe Workshop Series 2003/04, Beijing, China, 12-14 July

“Developmental coalition and urban redevelopment of inner city residential areas, with reference to Beijing and Seoul”, STICERD Work in Progress Seminar, LSE, London, 16 June


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