My teaching focuses largely on the critical analysis of urbanisation processes with emphasis on the urbanising world of the Global South, discussing socio-political relations and spatial manifestation of uneven development.


PhD SUPERVISION (* denotes main supervision; ** denotes co-supervision)

For areas of possible PhD supervision, please visit my research page.

Ka Chi Yip* (2022 – Present) (LSE-funded), “Land, Housing and Urban Planning in Hong Kong and Singapore” (tentative)

Martina Vittoria Sottini** (2019 – Present), “Researching Multiscalar Translocality: An Intersectional Feminist Approach to the Mundane Making of Mongolian Migrants’ Translocal Social Spaces and Remittances”

Yoonai Han* (2018 – Present) (LSE-funded), “How repeated unpredictability shapes inequality: Exploring the time-space of nomadic workers in Seoul, South Korea”

Kyoung-Ae (aka Didi) HAN* (2016-2021) (LSE-funded), “Practicing Urban Commons between Autonomy and Togetherness: A Genealogical Analysis of the Urban Precariat Movements in Tokyo and Seoul”, PhD awarded (December 2021). Current employment: Research Professor, Folklore Institute, Andong National University

Carwyn MORRIS** (2015-2020) (ESRC-funded), “Life under Chai: Spatial Governmentality and Contestation in the Physical and Digital Geography of China”, PhD awarded (pass with no correction). Previously Research Associate, Manchester China Institute, University of Manchester. Current employment: University Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of Digital China, Institute for Area Studies, Universiteit Leiden

Laura ANTONA** (2015-2020) (ESRC-funded), “Anatomies and Apparatuses of Violence: the Everyday Encounters of Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore”, PhD awarded (pass with no correction). Previously ESRC Research Fellow, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford. Current employment: LSE Fellow, Department of Geography and Environment, LSE

Ulises MORENO-TABAREZ* (2012-2018) (LSE-funded), “Spectral Latinidad: the \work of Lantinx Migrants and Small Charities in London”, PhD awarded (June 2019)

Yi JIN* (2014-2018) (LSE-funded), “Entrepreneurial Managerialism: Mobilisation of Redistributive Mechanisms for Entrepreneurial Redevelopment of Penghuqu in a Chinese Third-Front City”, PhD awarded (pass with no correction). Previously Post-doctoral Fellow, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore

Do Young OH* (2013-2017), “From a Colonial Institution to a Neoliberal Real Estate Developer: Comparative Analysis of Universities in the Urban Process in East Asia”, PhD awarded (pass with no correction). Current employment: Research Assistant Professor, School of Graduate Studies and Institute of Policy Studies, Lingnan University, Hong Kong SAR

Mara NOGUEIRA-TEIXEIRA* (2013-2017) (Brazil Government-funded), “Who has the Right to Remain in Place? Informality, Citizenship and Belonging in Belo Horizonte, Brazil”, PhD thesis submitted. PhD awarded (pass with no correction). Current employment: Lecturer in Urban Geography, Department of Geography, Birkbeck, University of London

Yimin ZHAO* (2012-2017), “The Hegemony of Urbanisation: Questioning the Production of Space by the State in Beijing’s Green Belts”, PhD awarded (pass with no correction). Current employment: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), School of Public Policy, Renmin University of China


Tucker LANDESMAN (2011 – 2017), “Remaking Rio de Janeiro through ‘Favela Integration’: the Politics of Mobility and State Space”, PhD awarded. Current employment: Researcher, International Institute for Environment and Development

Sin Yee KOH (2010 – 2014), “British Colonial Legacies, Citizenship Habitus, and a Culture of Migration: Mobile Malaysians in London, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur”, PhD awarded. Current employment: Senior Assistant Professor in Asian Migration, Mobility and Diaspora, Institute of Asian Studies, University Brunei Darussalam, Brunei

Antonios VRADIS (2008 – 20213), “Patterns of Contentious Politics Concentration as a ‘Spatial Contract’: A Spatio-temporal Study of Urban Riots and Violent Protest in the Neighbourhood of Exarcheia, Athens, Greece (1974-2011)”. PhD awarded. Current employment: Lecturer in Sustainable Development, School of Geography and Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews


David LUKENS, Graduate School of Geography, Clark University, “Shifting Roles of the State and the Evolution of Neighborhood Change in Seoul”, 2016 – 2019. PhD awarded. Current employment: Visiting Assistant Professor of Urban Studies, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, USA 

Yueming (aka Amy) ZHANG, Graduate School of Geography, Clark University, “Places of Aesthetics and Capital: the Making and Consuming of Arts Districts in Chinese Cities”, 2014 – 2016. PhD awarded. Current employment: Lecturer in Urban Planning, School of Environment, Education and Development, University of Manchester


GY438 Cities and Social Change in East Asia, 2009/10 – Present (Convener)

GY480 Remaking China: Geographical Aspects of Development and Disparity, 2012/13 – 2016/17 (Convener)

GY452 Urban Research Methods, 2015/16 – Present (Convener)

GY445 Urban Theory, policy and Practice in the Global South, 2008/09 – 2014/15

GY302 Urban Development: Politics, Policy and Planning, 2008/09 – 2012/13

GY2A0/240 Research Techniques (Spatial, Social and Environmental), 2008/09 – 2012/13

Seoul Case Study Programme (field trip), MSc Urbanisation and Development

LSE-PKU GY201 The Political Economy of Urbanisation in China and Asia: Globalisation and Uneven Development, LSE-Peking University Summer School, Beijing, 2014 – 2019 (Convener). Click here for the latest course description

LSS-IR203 An Urbanising World: Cities, Capitalism and the Environment, LSE Summer School, London, 2016 – 2019 (Lead Faculty). Click here for the latest course description

Renmin University of China International Summer School, “Critical Urban Studies in and beyond Asia”, Beijing, 2022 (scheduled online)

GSSI PhD programme in Urban Studies, L’Aquila, Italy, 18-21 April 2016

University of Helsinki, Summer School, Helsinki, 8-9 August 2013

Guest Lecture, “Asian Cities in a Globalising South”, Department of Geography, UCL, London, 2011, 2012, 2013

(since 2008-09 academic year)

46 dissertations in MSc Urbanisation and 48 dissertations in MSc Regional and Urban Planning Studies

(since 2008-09 academic year)

34 dissertations in BA Geography

Teaching Related Grants

2019 – 2020 Lead Applicant, “New Spaces, New Networks: “Forging Connections, Partnerships and Futures among Studies, Alumni and Employers”, GBP 20,818, EDEN Fund, London School of Economics and Political Science. Co-applicants include three student representatives from MSc Urbanisation and Development and MSc Human Geography and Urban Studies (Research)

2018 – 2019 Lead Applicant, “Urbanisation and Development Day: Conference with workshop sessions”, GBP 1,500, Student Experience Enhancement Fund, London School of Economics and Political Science. Co-applicants include two student representatives of the MSc Urbanisation and Development

2017 – 2018 Project Leader. “Enhancing Student Participation and Diversifying Assessments: Review of Urban Research Methods Course”, GBP 1,956.76. Teaching and Learning Development Fund, LSE Teaching and Learning Centre

2017 – 2018 Project Leader. “Students as Knowledge Co-Producers: Blogging as Alternative Assessments and Learning Experience”, GBP 1,051.16. Teaching and Learning Development Fund, LSE Teaching and Learning Centre

2009 – 2010 Principal Investigator. “Teaching Development Fund: Cities and Social Change in East Asia”, GBP 2,000. LSE Teaching and Learning Centre


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