Year: 2019

New Annals AAG paper published

Happy to see the final publication of this new paper, “Contextualizing Accumulation by Dispossession: The State and High-Rise Apartment Clusters in Gangnam, Seoul”, from the Annals of the American Association of Geographers. The fruition of this co-authored paper has taken many years, and it’s great to conclude this project with this output. Abstract: In an […]

Invited lecture at the Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Earlier this week, Prof Hyun Bang Shin (@urbancommune) gave a lecture at the the Politecnico di Torino (@PoliTOnews) in Turin, Italy, entitled: “Coping with Crisis in Developmental Urbanization: The Case of Songdo City, South Korea”. Read more about the event here. Abstract This lecture aims to examine the underlying political economy of mega-project promotion in […]

Arriving soon: Neoliberal Urbanism, Contested Cities and Housing in Asia

I have posted earlier (see here) about a new forthcoming book from @Palgrave_, Neoliberal Urbanism, Contested Cities and Housing in Asia, and it is my pleasure to confirm that the book proof has been finalised and it’s ready for the final production. The book’s cover image is also finalised and is attached here as follows. The image shows an aerial view of […]

Forthcoming paper, #Asian #urbanism, from the Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Studies

A paper of mine on Asian Urbanism is going to appear in the forthcoming Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Studies, scheduled to be published in April 2019. Its author copy in PDF is downloadable from the LSE Research Online page found on this link: Abstract: This chapter on Asian urbanism begins by examining […]

[New book] Developmentalist Cities? Interrogating Urban Developmentalism in East Asia, edited by Jamie Doucette and Bae-Gyoon Park

Colleagues and students interested in understanding the ‘developmentalist’ interpretation of urbanisation in East Asia would be delighted to see the this new volume, Developmentalist Cities? Interrogating Urban Developmentalism in East Asia, edited by Jamie Doucette (University of Manchester) and Bae-Gyoon Park (Seoul National University), published by Brill in November 2018. I am pleased to receive an author copy of this new book […]

Urban Salon seminar: Why Detroit Matters at LSE, 9-Jan-2019

The first #UrbanSalon ( event in 2019 is to take place on 09 January 2019, Wed 4pm, featuring Loretta Lees (University of Leicester), Phil Hubbard (King’s College London) and Brian Doucet (University of Waterloo) to discuss Why #Detroit Matters. Register here: Why Detroit Matters: Decline, Renewal and Hope in a Divided City Hosted by the […]


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