Journal article (2014): Urban spatial restructuring, event-led development and scalar politics

A recent paper of mine on examining Guangzhou’s use of the Asian Games has just been published by the journal Urban Studies. Entitled “Urban Spatial Restructuring, Event-led Development and Scalar Politics”, it examines the use of the 2010 Summer Asian Games by Guangzhou in China as a means to justify its developmental vision that aimed […]

Proposal accepted for a journal special issue on Accumulation, State Legitimacy and Cities of Spectacle in ‘Emerging’ Economies

Earlier last week, it was a great pleasure to receive the final acceptance letter from the special features editor of the Urban Geography journal with regard to a proposal to pursue a special issue on Accumulation, State Legitimacy and Cities of Spectacle in ‘Emerging’ Economies. I will be guest editing this with Andy Thornley in my […]

Selected papers on Capitalism in China – free to download until the end of 2013

Taylor & Francis online has put together a selection of papers on China’s Capitalism. The topics range from economics and finance to management and development studies. In total, 15 papers published between 2007 and 2013 are listed on its themed page, and are free to download until the end of December 2013. URL: The […]

춘천 시골마을 어느 길가


이번 한국 방문길에 춘천, 평창 등을 다녀 왔다. 평창 동계 올림픽 유치 과정에 대한 글 쓴 것을 업데이트 하고자 하였고, 발간 자료로만 접하던 얘기를 관계자들에게서 직접 듣고 싶었었다. 그 와중에 방문한 어느 마을. 춘천 시내에서 외곽으로 (택시 거리) 10여분 떨어진 이 곳 마을길을 걷다보니, 어느덧 길가에 핀 꽃들과 가을 맞아 탐스럽게 맺힌 밤, 대추 등이 […]


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