Charlton House, London

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Charlton House 1858 - 2012

Charlton House in London as shown in a book published in 1858, and how it looks today. It’s a lovely local gem. The bottom image from 1858 comes from 

Winter Landscape at Greenwich Park, London


On 5 February 2012, we had the first snow in this winter, and couldn’t help but stroll around the snow-covered Greenwich Park to make the most out of the day. Not surprisingly, the park was full of couples holding each other in arms and quite naturally, families with kids whose parents towed a sledge, eagerly approaching slopes for the snow-ride. Approaching the Royal Observatory from a distance, we came across with this magnificent scene with people dotted around in all forms and posture, enjoying this snowy Sunday afternoon with their loved ones. It reminded me of a scene from a painting that I must have seen in the past – I couldn’t figure out which one it was, but later, I realise this sense of ‘deja vu’ would have originated from having come across with one of Brueghel’s winter landscape paintings. In any case, it was one of the most beautiful days that will be engrained in my heart for many years to come.

ps. Another friend of mine pointed out Lowry’s paintings, which also presented some striking resemblance to how the people are pictured.