urban redevelopment

Chinese version of my paper on Displacement and Urban Redevelopment in Seoul

Back in 2008, I had a paper published in the journal, Environment and Urbanization. It discusses the effectiveness of public rental housing provision as compensation measures for tenants in substandard neighbourhoods which become subject to wholesale demolition and redevelopment. I argue in the paper that while the provision of public rental housing provision is a step […]

Urbanised Village and its Struggle to Survive

  Urbanised villages in China refer to former rural villages that have been engulfed by urban expansion. Having lost farmlands, villagers invest heavily in dwellings to gain rental income from migrant tenants. This phenomenon is particularly pronounced in China’s Pearl River Delta region. These villages struggle to resist impending threats of demolition, though they give […]

FWD: 뉴타운 재개발을 중단하라

이전에 참여정부에서 근무하시다 지금은 세종대학교에서 재직하고 계시는 김수현교수께서 경원대 정석 교수와 함께 작성하신 ‘격문’ 입니다. 무한 펌을 권장하시니 주변 분들에게도 전달하시어 널리 읽혔으면 하는 마음에 전달해 드립니다. 문서 바로 보기 – 여기를 클릭하세요 제 연구 분야 역시 도시재생, 재개발의 정치학, 저소득층 주민 삶 등이 포함되어 있는데요, 현재 동아시아 각국에서 진행되는 재개발 정책은 한결같이 부동산 자본의 […]


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