Olympic Games

Tokyo 2020 and COVID19

I have come across with this news today, which reports on the IOC’s consideration of postponing the Tokyo 2020. Such spectacles as Olympic Games entail a sense of ‘state of emergency’, leading to the suspension of normal planing processes and diversion of investment in necessary social and physical infrastructure for the poor and the marginalised. […]

Journal article (2014): Urban spatial restructuring, event-led development and scalar politics

A recent paper of mine on examining Guangzhou’s use of the Asian Games has just been published by the journal Urban Studies. Entitled “Urban Spatial Restructuring, Event-led Development and Scalar Politics”, it examines the use of the 2010 Summer Asian Games by Guangzhou in China as a means to justify its developmental vision that aimed […]

Selected papers on Capitalism in China – free to download until the end of 2013

Taylor & Francis online has put together a selection of papers on China’s Capitalism. The topics range from economics and finance to management and development studies. In total, 15 papers published between 2007 and 2013 are listed on its themed page, and are free to download until the end of December 2013. URL: http://explore.tandfonline.com/page/bes/china-the-economic-powerhouse/china-capitalism The […]

Free access to the journal Environment and Urbanization until 9 December 2013: Includes two papers of mine

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SAGE has just announced that to celebrate the 25th anniversary and the 50th issue of the journal Environment and Urbanization (http://eau.sagepub.com/content/by/year), all contents of the journal are given free access. This is for a limited period only until 9th December 2013. This also means two of my papers from the journal, listed below, are freely […]

Bluesky in Beijing?

Wanfujing 거리 옆 쇼핑몰 전면에 내걸린 걸개그림. 그 크기도 인상적이었지만, Paralympic Games를 준비하면서 여러 군데 내건 정성이 지극하다. 하계올림픽 기간에는 어떤 그림이 내걸렸을지 자못 궁금하다. 지난 며칠간 소나기 등 비가 자주 흩뿌려서 그런지 오후 2시 못미친 이 시간에도 하늘이 한국 가을 날씨처럼 파랗다. 역시 파란 하늘 배경의 천안문. 눈부신 햇살 가득한 오후, 청홍색이 더욱 뚜렷이 […]

Paralympic Games in Beijing

베이징에 도착한 것이 9월 6일, Paralympic Games가 개막한 날이었다. 얼마전에 끝난 하계 올림픽 자리에는 Paralympic Games 관련 장식과 홍보물이 대신하는 듯 하였다. Paralympic Games라 그런지 베이징 곳곳에는 disabled people을 위한 장치 및 안내인이 자리하고 있었다. 올림픽이 끝난 이후 얼마나 disabled people에 대한 배려가 지속될 지는 두고 봐야 할 듯 하다. 아래 사진은 새로 개통된 남북 […]


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