Arriving soon: Neoliberal Urbanism, Contested Cities and Housing in Asia

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I have posted earlier (see here) about a new forthcoming book from @Palgrave_, Neoliberal Urbanism, Contested Cities and Housing in Asia, and it is my pleasure to confirm that the book proof has been finalised and it’s ready for the final production. The book’s cover image is also finalised and is attached here as follows. The image shows an aerial view of […]

Book Review [In Korean]: Locating Neoliberalism in East Asia by Bae-Gyoon Park, Richard Child Hill and Asato Saito

My fourth book review for the  Korean daily newspaper KyungHyang Daily. This time, I have selected <Locating Neoliberalism in East Asia> by Bae-Gyoon Park, Richard Child Hill and Asato Saito. Published on 24 May 2013. 2013년 5월 24일 게재된 네번째 경향신문 [해외 책] 서평. 동아시아에서 신자유주의 찾기 Locating Neoliberalism in East Asia: Neoliberalizing Spaces in Developmental […]


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