Year: 2022

New journal special issue on Urbanising Dynamics of Global China

Pleased to see the release of a special issue from Urban Geography, entitled Urbanising Dynamics of Global China. This special issue was co-edited with Yimin Zhao and Sin Yee Koh, and engages with highly interesting cases from Malaysia, India, Ghana and western China. It’s a collection that results from the previous discussions we had at the RC21 conference in Delhi in September 2019.

Covid-19 in Southeast Asia: Insights for a Post-pandemic World (2022, LSE Press)

New publication release in #openaccess: “#COVID19 in #Southeast#Asia: Insights for a Post-Pandemic World”. All chapters and the entire volume can be downloaded free of charge.Excited to see the release of this new edited volume that has been result of hard labour by SEAC colleagues and collaborators during the pandemic.The volume brings together 38 contributors altogether, […]


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