Year: 2012

Neil R. Smith, 1954 – 2012

Neil R. Smith , 1954 – 2012 The sudden death of Neil Smith, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Geograph at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, comes as a shock, and Neil’s premature departure was never expected. A great loss to all those who fought for a better world. I’ve only had a couple […]

Urbanised Village and its Struggle to Survive

  Urbanised villages in China refer to former rural villages that have been engulfed by urban expansion. Having lost farmlands, villagers invest heavily in dwellings to gain rental income from migrant tenants. This phenomenon is particularly pronounced in China’s Pearl River Delta region. These villages struggle to resist impending threats of demolition, though they give […]

Child and Bamboo Stick

Description: In this neighbourhood located in central Guangzhou, China, tensions are heightened due to impending demolition and residents’ displacement. For most local residents, continuing their lives after displacement becomes a real struggle, but for now, the child’s major concern is to get the paper-roll back on the ground. (originally submitted to LSE Photo Prize 2012) […]

Charlton House, London

여름방학기간이라 학교에 가지 않을 때 가끔 오후 시간을 보내는 곳. 옛날 지역영주가 거처하던, 자코뱅 Jacobean (제임스 6세 통치 당시, 16세기말 – 17세기 초) 스타일 건축물이다. 19세기 중반에 발간된 것으로 보이는 어느 책에 소개된 스케치와 오늘날 사진을 대비해 보면 약간의 차이를 보이지만 잘 보존된 것을 알 수 있다. 좀 더 최근에 지어진 것으로 보이는 건물 오른쪽 […]

Call for Petition: Stop the Jeju Naval Base Construction in South Korea

I’ve received a recent call for participation in a petition to stop the ‘unlawful and illegitimate’ construction of a naval base in Jeju Island, and hope that you may also consider signing this petition. This is organised by the National Association of Professors for Democracy in Korea (, a pro-democracy organisation that was established in […]


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