Well, not much to say here except for sharing this picture that I took. Signs of Expo with its symbols and slogans are found everywhere you go in Shanghai, but one slogan caught my eyes. Unfortunately, this picture that I took while travelling on metro is the only one available, so let me write down in full below what the two lines say just above the hand-grip:

Better City, Better Life

When you just read the English phrase, it does not particularly strike you as such, but when it is written together with its Chinese version, there is a big difference. The Chinese version can be literally translated as “City makes life better”, which may mean a very different thing than what the English version says. To me, this sounds as if Shanghai is proclaiming the next phase of China’s emerging urbanism – ‘Long live the city!’ Quite a few interesting thoughts come to me, but this is not the space to expand on this.

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