Year: 2010

Police ‘partol’ car

Today, I had a walk around one of the study sites in Guangzhou. The area was completely empty of its residents, as the whole area is now being demolished. I will talk more about this at a later date, but for now, I could not resist my smile when I first saw this rather cute […]

Guangzhou heat beats me

Somehow last time in Guangzhou was also in September. This time again, I am spending three weeks in this city. I must have forgotten about the heat and humidity – no, to be exact, the cool/cold London weather must have tainted my memory, and forged my thought that it was not too bad, and that […]

[Travel] “Mein Kampf” in Beijing

Belated posting this time. When I paid a visit to Wudaoying in Beijing (see my earlier posting below), I was having a quick rest (meaning that I had a bottle of cold beer…) at this cafe somewhere half way into Wudaoying hutong. It was a three-storey building, and from the owner, I was told that […]

“Which country is China’s best friend?”

While driving in a taxi to go to the Guangzhou Book Center on Sunday, I had an interesting chat with the taxi driver. Having heard that I am a South Korean, he was obviously making some jokes and teasing me with various questions. One of the questions, after a brief exchange of views about the […]

Hong Kong’s army of cranes

Due to some complicated (but not so complicated) reasons, I had to come to Guangzhou via Hong Kong. On my way from Kowloon airport express train station to Hung Hom station where I could take my train to Guangzhou, I happened to catch this amazing sight – an army of cranes. In May 2009 when […]


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