Somehow last time in Guangzhou was also in September. This time again, I am spending three weeks in this city. I must have forgotten about the heat and humidity – no, to be exact, the cool/cold London weather must have tainted my memory, and forged my thought that it was not too bad, and that I would survive.

Yes, I would survive eventually…but today, after having spent four hours outdoor under the sun, I could see myself loosing concentration. A student assistant of mine was telling me some interesting issues about his own hometown, and I could feel myself that I was only 50 percent focused, and eventually less than 10 percent. I had to apologise to him in the end, telling him my situation frankly, and our conversation continued again when we were in an air-conditioned taxi on our way back to the university. I must be better prepared from tomorrow…how? Any advice I can get would be appreciated.

p.s. I was checking the today’s temperature on my Google gadget. No wonder I was sweltering in Guangzhou. I really look forward to going back to London.