An interesting plae that I happened to find by chance. It is located on Sanlitun South Street, diagonally opposite the new Sanlitun Village complex. It is fairly spacious and has a large collection of China-related ‘English’ books, and apparently hosts book talks, which is something that I also find quite new in Beijing. It seems quite popular among expats and local Chinese younger generation. The venue is open until 2 am. It also operates a roof terrace bar, but it opens till 12 midnight and is also recommended when it does not rain.

It certainly has a different feeling when compared with all those noisy bars on Sanlitun North Street, which has also become ‘orderly’ – no longer appealing to me at least. It serves Western food and the quality seesms acceptable. And most importantly for travellers, it provides wireless internet connection. Apparently, all the cafes that I’ve been to so far in Beijing this time had wireless internet provision. Quite a big ‘progress’.

Update (as of 3 September 2012)
The venue’s web site:
Address: Building 4, Nan Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100027, P.R. China
How to get there:

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