[Conference] Crisis-scapes: Athens and beyond, Athens, 9-10 May 2014

Upon kind invitation from the crisis-scape research team based in Athens, Greece, I am giving a paper in this exciting event to be held between 9 and 10 May 2014. Many thanks to Antonis Vradis in particular for making things really smooth and enjoyable. The team has put together an excellent line-up of speakers, which can be found out on the conference site.

click on the image to go to the conference site

click on the image to go to the conference site

My session is in Panel 4 on the second day with the session title of “The Right to the City in Crisis”. My paper on the right to the city in China is to appear shortly on the conference site. It builds upon my earlier paper from Antipode, The Right to the City and Critical Reflections on China’s Property Rights Activism (click here) and my short essay on China’s speculative urbanism.

The organisers also video-recorded all the talks and put these online, which can be found here.

Below is my own talk, lasting a little less than 20 minutes.

Latest LSE Review of Books Podcast on Architecture and Design: Framing the urban experience

LSE Review of Books is an online initiative that publishes daily reviews of academic publications across all areas of social science. Part of its initiatives includes a series of podcast, featuring academics’ views on chosen topics and the books that had some impact on their academic life.

Earlier in this academic year, the LSE Review of Books team kindly asked me to take part in their production of podcast series and present my own stories on those books that have had some influence on my thinking. The podcast has just been released and can be heard by visiting their web page. I genuinely thank Amy Mollett (managing editor) and Cheryl Brumley (multimedia editor) for giving me this opportunity to reflect upon part of my history.

Listen to the latest LSE Review of Books Podcast: Architecture and Design: Framing the urban experience

Below is the introduction to my bit in the podcast:

Hyun Bang Shin, LSE Associate Professor in Geography and Urban Studies, talks about reading Marx under South Korea’s strict national security laws and how this has influenced his own work on urban displacement.

The podcast also includes stories from David Kohn (architect and co-designer of A Room for London) and Fran Tonkiss (Reader in Sociology, LSE).

Below is the list of my own reviews that I have done so far for the blog: