New @CITYanalysis Special Feature on The Urban Process under Planetary Accumulation by Dispossession

Happy to see the new @CITYanalysis (Vol 22, No 1) special feature on The #Urban Process under #Planetary #Accumulation by #Dispossession, which I guest edited with Louis Moreno (Goldsmiths, University of London). Direct link to the issue here:

The special feature has a wonderful collection of contributors, who are Alex Loftus (on Planetary Concerns), Matthew Gandy (on Cities in Deep Time: Bio-diversity, metabolic rift, and the urban question), Nasser Abourahme (on Of Monsters and Boomerangs: Colonial returns in the late liberal city), Ilse Helbrecht and Francesca Weber-Newth (on Recovering the Politics of Planning: Developer contributions and the contemporary housing question), Elvin K. Wyly and Jatinder K. Dhillon (on Planetary Kantsaywhere: Cognitive capitalist universities and accumulation by cognitive dispossession), and Louis Moreno (on Always Crashing in the Same City: Real estate, psychic capital and planetary desire).

The introduction to the special feature is available open access and can be accessed here:

The special feature introduced herein benefits from the discussions held during the double sessions on The Urban Process under Planetary Accumulation by Dispossession at the 2016 annual conference of the American Association of Geographers in San Francisco.

Latest issue of the CITY journal, Volume 18, Issue 4-5 out now

ccit20.v018.i04-05.coverThe latest issue of the CITY journal is now available, and all the papers in this issue is free to download! I am pleased to find my own picture (depicting the two main slogans of Shanghai World Expo 2010) included as cover image of this issue.

In this issue, there are two special features, one on The Production of Shared Space in Northern Ireland and another on Crisis-scape: Athens and Beyond. The latter is a collection of papers originally presented at a conference with the same title, which took place in May 2014. My own paper Contesting Speculative Urbanisation and Strategising Discontents is also included in this special feature, along with Tom Slater’s passionate piece on Unravelling False Choice Urbanism. Also recommended are the pieces by Stavros Stavrides on Emerging Common Space as a Challenge to the City of Crisis, and by Nasser Abourahme who wrote his own reflection on the’s recent documentary Future Suspended.

  • Click here to watch the documentary Future Suspended. This made me think again what has happened in South Korea at the time of the 1997-1998 Asian Financial Crisis. I should revisit the experience and produce my own account sometime…

The editorial piece by the journal’s editor-in-chief Bob Catterall, has wonderfully captured the essence of own paper, and made a perceptive connection with the key features covered in this issue. See here for the editorial piece, “Editorial: ‘City makes your life happier’?“. Continue reading