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February 2017: Great to see the publication of my chapter “Envisioned by the state: Entrepreneurial urbanism and the making of Songdo City, South Korea” in this new edited volume Mega-urbanization in the Global South: Fast Cities and New Urban Utopias of the Postcolonial State, edited by Ayona Datta and Abdul Shaban. Please click here to read my blog post here and to view/download the chapter.

February 2017: Panelist, Session on the Decline of Democracy in South Korea, 2017 LSE SU Korea Future Forum, LSE, 4 February, London

January 2017: Invited talk on “Urbanisation of capital and dispossession of rights” at the Conference on China’s Stability at Risk: Economic, Social and Environmental Challenges, Centre for Asian Studies, IFRI-Paris, 26 January, Paris



December 2016: Interview with an online magazine The World Weekly on Korean politics. 1 December

November 2016: A visit by a research team from the Korea Small Business Institute for an interview on commercial gentrification. 29 November

November 2016Thompson Reuters Foundation (invitation from editor-in-chief) on planetary gentrification. 25 November

November 2016: On 14 November 2016, I am giving a talk at the Department of Arts  entitled “Planetary Gentrification: Comparisons with East Asia”.

November 2016: A new special issue in Korean published by Space and Society on ‘Developmentalist Urbanization and Gentrification’. My editorial can be downloaded here: “발전주의 도시화, 젠트리피케이션, 그리고 저항의 연대’. 공간과 사회 2016년 가을호에 ‘발전주의 도시화와 젠트리피케이션’ 특집 논문이 발간되었습니다. 헌정호이기도 합니다. 엄중한 시국에도 안티-젠트리피케이션 운동을 잊지 말아야겠습니다.

November 2016: On 4th November 2016, an authors-meet-critics event in Santiago, Chile as part of COES conference. Critics include Elvin Wyly (University of British Columbia) and Javier Ruiz-Tagle (PUC). Hyun and Loretta joined the session via Skype. YouTube clip here:

November 2016: Keynote at the Speculative Urbanization in East Asia: People, Power and Politics symposium at the Asian Institute, University of Toronto.

October 2016: Book manuscript workshop: City Dreams: Korean Popular Culture and the Selling of Place, University of Texas at Austin, 29 October, Austin, Texas

October 2016Planetary Gentrification book talk at Pro qm #Berlin, 14-Oct… w/ @LorettaCLees, Ernesto & @AndrejHolm

October 2016: Kosmos-Workshop: Universal Gentrification? Conceptual Challenges of Comparative Urbanism, Berlin, Humboldt- Universität zu Berlin, 13-15 October, Berlin

August 2016: TenCent China live online talk on the Olympic Games. 47000 peak-time simultaneous viewers. 20 August

August 2016: BFM 89.9 – The Business Station on Olympics, and its effects on development in emerging economies. 18 August

August 2016: LSE-PKU Summer School teaching, Speculative Urbanisation in Asia

July 2016: New special issue from Urban Geography 37(8) Latin American

June 2016: Keynote, Utopian Urban Futures: Histories, Imaginations, Possibilities Conference, University of Leeds, 27-28 June, Leeds

June 2016: Invited talk on “Speculative urbanisation, gentrification and the right to the city” at the Symposium on City of Hope, The Seoul Institute, 23-24 June, Seoul

June 2016: Invited talk on “Envisioned by the state: Entrepreneurial urbanism and the making of Songdo City, South Korea” at the Conference on Global Cities and Urban Studies: Korea in Comparative Perspective, Central European University, 16-18 June, Budapest

June 2016: Invited talk on “Reconceptualising the urban: China’s urbanisation and its implications for global urban studies on Gentrification” at the Workshop: From Chicago to Shenzhen: The City One Hundred Years On, City University of Hong Kong, 6-7 June, Hong Kong

May 2016: Invited talk on “Urban accumulation and the ‘culture of property’: Beyond the authoritarian nature of the state in China” at the Workshop: Decoding the Urban – Engaging with Current Debates on Urban Processes in India and China. CEIAS-CNRS, EHESS, 11-12 May, Paris

May 2016: TBS eFM 101.3 MHz This Morning (Live) interview on Efforts to prevent gentrification. 1 June

Seongdong District Mayor (Seoul) on Anti-Gentrification. 16 May

May 2016: Faculty workshop on Changing values/ideas/ethics in China, Department of Anthropology, LSE, 10 May, London

March 2016: Keynote, “What is the problem with gentrification in South Korea?” at the National Assembly Forum on Addressing Gentrification Problems, Takeout Drawing and ‘Eul-committee’ at The Minjoo Party of Korea, 11 March, Seoul

March 2016: Pleased to see the printed version of a new special issue from Alternative Sud, a quarterly publication by CETRI based in Belgium. The issue includes a reprinted paper of mine originally published in City. More details here.

March 2016: Book launch event for Planetary Gentrification at LSE on 16 March. More details here.

February 2016: On 26 February 2016, I am giving an invited talk at the Centre of Korean Studies, SOAS on the topic of Developmental Urbanisation and the Genealogy of Urban Rights in South Korea. Click here for more information.

February 2016: Panelist, the 2nd Hans Crescent symposium on Beyond the Smart City: Towards a Democratic Alternative, 20 February, London

February 2016: Panelist, Session on “Comparative Regional Issues in the Dynamics of Geopolitics and Migration”, African Leadership Centre’s 2016 MSc Student Conference on Leadership: Migration and Geopolitics in Africa, Asia and Latin America, King’s College London, 18 February, London

February 2016: #BangkokEdge, an exciting festival in Bangkok, 13-14 Feb 2016!talks/cizb I’m also to give talks on #NewAsia and #gentrification

January 2016: New special issue from Urban Studies 53(3) Locating in the Global East

January 2016: Planetary Gentrification, a co-authored monograph (with Loretta Lees at the University of Leicester and Ernesto López-Morales at the University of Chile), is out now from Polity Press. This accompanies the earlier published edited volume Global Gentrifications: Uneven Development and Displacement (Policy Press, 2015).


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