The summer has been a busy period for me, partly to put together a series of events for autumn this year for the Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre (SEAC) that I’ve been directing since 2018. It is my pleasure to share the confirmed weekly events including research seminars, which bring together speakers from across the world regions.

Weekly discussions cover a diverse set of issues including decolonising higher education, migration and spatial justice, water crisis and urbanisation, urban informality and street vending, and domestic workers. Geographically, they reach out to Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam and more.

The week commencing 19 October is dedicated to showcasing the COVID-19 and Southeast Asia project at SEAC, and will involve roundtable discussions on selected themes.

I am also happy to present an exciting set of events that are branded as LSE Southeast Asia Week, which consists of daily round tables on a range of topics from politics and economics of COVID-19, migration, urbanisation, and environmental resilience. In particular, on 28 October, I’ll be convening a dialogue with the directors of global centres on Southeast Asia, based in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Lund and Copenhagen, discussing the (post-)COVID future of Southeast Asia studies.

All events are going to be held online, and all are welcome.