Prof. Hyun Bang Shin has published a new article, titled “Whither progressive urban futures?Critical reflections on the politics of temporality in Asia” in City.This article is co-authored with Dr Sin Yee Koh (Monash University Malaysia) and Dr Yimin Zhao (Remnin University), both alumni of the PhD programme in Human Geography and Urban Studies in the Department of Geography and Environment.

The article can be found here:

Compressed development experiences, especially in Asia, have translated into expectations for ‘fast cities’ where time and space are compressed to materialise ‘real’ Asia experiences. However, what does ‘fast urbanism’ mean for those who see Asian cites as reference points? Moreover, what does ‘fast urbanism’ mean for those who have living memories of such fast-paced development, and how might this be different for their future generations? This intervention addresses these two questions by reflecting on the politics of temporality, calling for critical attention to the ideological imposition of ‘fast’ development in Asia and beyond. We argue that the ‘Asian speed’ of development was enabled in specific historical and geographical conjunctures, which entailed the appropriation of individual and collective aspirations through the invention of a certain kind of futurity and, in so doing, consolidated local politico-economic structures that displace both the present and the future.

Hyun Bang Shin, Yimin Zhao and Sin Yee Koh