Year: 2013

Latest issue of Antipode out now, and the Right to the City in China

My paper “The Right to the City and Critical Reflections on China’s Property Rights Activism” recently came out from Antipode, and here is its introduction that has appeared in the journal’s most recent newsletter (original URL: Attached below is its full text as appeared in the newsletter: Shin, H.B. (2013) The Right to the City […]

Selected papers on Capitalism in China – free to download until the end of 2013

Taylor & Francis online has put together a selection of papers on China’s Capitalism. The topics range from economics and finance to management and development studies. In total, 15 papers published between 2007 and 2013 are listed on its themed page, and are free to download until the end of December 2013. URL: The […]

Free access to the journal Environment and Urbanization until 9 December 2013: Includes two papers of mine

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SAGE has just announced that to celebrate the 25th anniversary and the 50th issue of the journal Environment and Urbanization (, all contents of the journal are given free access. This is for a limited period only until 9th December 2013. This also means two of my papers from the journal, listed below, are freely […]

Our Bodies: Whose Property? by Anne Phillips. Book Review

Reviewed in this month for a Korean daily… A short but an insightful book that provides a lot to think about but no simple straightforward answer. This posting is in Korean. 이번 달 경향신문 해외 책 리뷰는 이 책으로 하였습니다. 생각할 꺼리는 많이 던져주면서도 명쾌한 답은 쉽사리 주지 않는 책이었습니다…  Original link: (Posted on the newspaper […]


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