My first computer ever was an Apple IIe, which came with a shiny rainbow-coloured apple logo. It was one of the latest models at the time, and I think it came into my possession sometime in 1985 or perhaps in 1986. I was giving a lot of thoughts whether I should get an Apple or an IBM PC, but then settled down with an Apple. Thought it was fancier at the time, and maybe the apple logo appealed to me. The computer was assembled in Singapore, if my memory was correct, and it was a beauty when it first came out of the packaging box. Apple IIe’s picture here: I believe I still have it somewhere in my parents’ house, stored in its original box, constantly objecting profusely to my mother’s occasional request to throw it away to secure extra storage space.

After a long period of using Windows PC in the 1990s and 2000s, I’ve finally made a full return to Apple, first with a mac mini and then with a MacBook Air. I somewhat feel strange to find the apple logo staring at me once again, though it no longer has its original rainbow appearance any more. Let’s see how this new MBA would treat me in the next few years. For the moment, somehow the first statement on Page 1 of MBA user guide brings some of the old memories back: “you and your MacBook were made for each other”.

ps. After having written the above piece at the end of September, in the early morning of 6th October 2011, I woke up, checked the news and found out Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, has passed away. He’s lived the life to the fullest, and will be remembered by many. May he rest in piece.