Chungking Mansions, Hong Kong


Last month in December 2011, I paid another research trip to Hong Kong. Due to my short stay, I was not able to visit many places nor meet  friends as much as I hoped for. One place that I happened to pass by was Chungking Mansions, which is one of the unique landmarks in Hong Kong. First opened in 1961 as a trendy living place for the relatively affluent at the time, it is located on Nathan Road, Kowloon, not too far from the waterfront. The following note was actually prepared when I paid an earlier visit back in May 2011, accompanied by a colleague of mine Surajit who now teaches in Abu Dhabi University. (Hence, my thanks to him for the informative discussion at the time)

View Larger Map on Google Map for the location of Chungking Mansions

Its first two storeys are used as malls accommodating various stores (currently dominated by south asian restaurants, electronics/gadget shops and DVDs), and other upper floors are residential. The building complex has five towers, and I hear each tower has 18 floors: other than the ground floor, lifts take people up to the 16th floor, and there is yet another 17th floor which is not reached by the lift system. The rooftop has connection to other towers so that people in the tower’s middle section can be evacuated more easily in case of fire. Continue reading

2012년, 드러내기

정신없? 보내? 지난 몇년

수많? 여행, 방문, 만남, 그리고 기?.

그 많? 것들? 쌓?다 보니 ?젠 주체하기 힘들어진다.


내 안? 차곡차곡 모여지는 웅얼거림

정제? 외침? 지향하다 보니

웅얼거림? ?젠 작? 함성? ?어

비난? ?어버렸다


하나씩, 하나씩 ?어내?

그 소리들? ?름 붙여주고

옷? 입히고, 관계 맺어주?

설?? 모습???? 싹? 틔워줘야겠다


2012년 첫날.

무언가 신년계???고 하기엔 ?하지만

아무튼, 나름 결심으로 다?해본다

Beijing in November 2002

오래전 ?었? 사진 정리하다 올린다. 베?징 4환 순환?로, Xiaoying 근처. 2002년 11월 겨울 초입

The picture below was taken near the northern section of the 4th ring road. Somewhere around Xiaoying in Beijing, China. Taken in November 2002.

Beijing, China, 2002

Beijing, China, 2002

2002년 겨울 초 베?징? 머물렀었다. 그 당시?? 빠른 ??로 변해 가는 중국 베?징… 그 변화?? 마치 88년 올림픽? 앞둔 서울? 연?케 했다… 아니 그 보다 ? 압축??다… 늘어가는 ?가용 보유율 따? 마차? ?? 사?져 간다. 그래? 처? 볼 때는 마냥 신기 @.@

당시, 마차? 사용? 줄면 ? ?? (당나귀?가…?) 지친 삶? 좀 편해질까 ?문스러웠다. 결론?, ‘아니다. 마차 사용 안하면 ?? ?? 마?한다… 중국 ?? 예외는 아니다’ 지금? ? ??? 유효하다.