Journal Special Issues

Shin, H.B., Lees, L. and López-Morales, E. (eds.) (2016) Locating gentrification in the Global East. UrbanStudies 53(3)

López-Morales, E., Shin, H.B. and Lees, L. (eds.) (2016) Latin American gentrifications. Urban Geography 37(8)

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Shin, H.B. and Moreno, L. (eds.) (forthcoming) The urban process under planetary accumulation by dispossession. CITY: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action (scheduled for the August 2017 issue)

Shin, H.B. and Thornley, A. (eds.) (forthcoming) Accumulation, state legitimacy and cities of spectacle in ‘emerging’ economies. Urban Geography