Outreach Activities

Pinterest board for some of my outreach activities can be found here: https://pin.it/7bvyfuwolt5u4h

Interviews (TV, Radio and Newspaper)


BBC World News – Global with Matthew Amroliwala, Studio Live, on Korean politics (presidential election result). 9 May, London

La Razón, newspaper in Spain, on Korean politics. 11 March

ITV interview (TV, recorded) on Korean politics. 11 March, London

Korea Exposé, online investigative journal, on urban redevelopment in Seoul, 20 November


Online news agency, pressian.com on gentrification as disaster. 16 December

Online magazine The World Weekly on Korean politics. 1 December

Korea Small Business Institute on commercial gentrification. 29 November, London

Student journalist at City, University of London on Earls Court redevelopment. 7 November, London

TenCent China live online talk on the Olympic Games. 47000 peak-time simultaneous viewers. 20 August, Beijing

BFM 89.9 – The Business Station on Olympics, and its effects on development in emerging economies. 18 August

The Independent (UK) on Gentrification. 2 June, London

TBS eFM 101.3 MHz This Morning (Live) on Efforts to prevent gentrification. 1 June, Seoul


ABC News on the termination of China’s One Child policy. 29 October

France24 Live, a Paris-based news channel, on Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei city-region development in China. 30 October

Global Poverty Project (http://www.globalpovertyproject.com) on Korea’s urbanisation. 3 March, London

Korean Economy Daily on social housing. 23 February, London

Sankei Express on mega-events, 2 May, London


CNBC (USA, 2013) | Energy Opportunities: Living Cities, London

LSE Review of Books blog, Podcast on Architecture and Design: Framing the Urban Experience

Revista Exame (Brazil) on the prospect of China’s development. 29 November

Politiken (Denmark) on South Korea’s green development. 18 October

Freelancer Peter Simpson for a book project on Beijing Olympics 2008: An economic impact assessment. 2 July

Monocle Radio Live (UK), Globalist Asia, on China’s ’disaster infrastructure’. 15 July

City University Radio (UK) on urban regeneration and tower blocks. 24 January


Xinhua News Agency (China) on the 2010 London Olympic Games and urban regeneration. 5 November

Shanghai Wenhui Daily (China), “奥运影响或10年后方能见分晓” on the impact of the Olympic Games. 10 August

Revista Veja (Brazil) on Beijing’s Forbidden City. 26 July


Die Welt (Germany),“Chinas Strategie im Wettbewerb der Metropolen.” 18 October

Dong A Ilbo (Korea) on social welfare, 2 March, London

Economist Intelligence Unit. ”Asian Green City Index” (See p.14)

2010 China Daily (China), “As homes fall, desperation rises.” 5 March


Advising Governments and Corporations

“International Gentrification Research and Challenges for South Korea”, Seminar, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS), Sejong, South Korea, 26 October 2017

Seongdong District Mayor (Seoul, South Korea) on Anti-Gentrification. 16 May 2016, London

Plenary: Mokmingwan Policy Forum (Network of Elected Mayors), Jeonju, 8 January 2016, South Korea [Declined due to schedule conflict; Contributed to its proceedings]

Korea Housing Finance Corporation on housing. 7 December 2015, Seoul

Public Lecture: “Asset accumulation-oriented urban regeneration and gentrification”, Seoul Metropolitan Government. 14 December 2015, Seoul

UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office delegates on China’s urbanisation. 17 July 2013, London


Knowledge Exchange

Book symposium:“Anti Gentrification: What is to be Done (2017, ?Dongnyeog)”, Kyung Hee University, 8 November 2017, Seoul

Book talk: “Anti Gentrification: What is to be Done (2017, ?Dongnyeog)”, Takeout Drawing, Seoul, 7 November 2017, Seoul

Anti-Gentrification Workshop: A Walk in Gaepo-dong, Takeout Drawing and Jae-Mi-Nan School. 2 September 2017, Seoul

Keynote: Hackathon Series: Connectivity, KCL ASEAN Society and LSE SU ASEAN Society, LSE, 4 March 2017, London.

Midlands China Summit 2017, China Development Society, University of Warwick, 25 February 2017, Birmingham [Declined]

Keynote: Gentrification Forum, Seongdong District Government, Seoul, May 2016
[Declined; Contributed to its proceedings]

Keynote: “What is the problem with gentrification in South Korea?” National Assembly Forum on Addressing Gentrification Problems, Takeout Drawing and ‘Eul-committee’ at The Minjoo Party of Korea. 11 March 2016, Seoul

Panelist, the 2nd Hans Crescent symposium on Beyond the Smart City: Towards a Democratic Alternative. 20 February 2016, London

Panelist, Sessions on “What is the ‘new Asia’?” and “Gentrification: Who benefits?”, Bangkok Edge Festival (http://www.bangkokedge.com). 13-14 February 2016, Bangkok, Thailand

“Urban regeneration without gentrification?”, Dalpaeng’i Gongbubang, The Hope Institute. 24 December 2015, Seoul

Keynote: “Is it possible to have urban regeneration without gentrification?”, Policy-network Forum, Seoul National University, 23 December 2015, Seoul

“Dreaming of a world without gentrification”, 5th Hannam Forum, Takeout Drawing. 14 December 2015, Seoul

Roundtable Discussion: Thompson Reuters Foundation (invitation from editor-in-chief) on planetary gentrification. 25 November 2015, London

The Seoul Institute (a Seoul metropolitan government think tank) on urban policies in times of recession. 23 June 2015, Seoul

UK-China Urban Transformations and Low Carbon Cities Scoping Workshop, jointly organised by the ESRC (UK), EPSRC (UK) and NSFC (China), 21-23 January 2015, Chengdu, China

How Chinese cities are different from each other?”, Beneath the Surface: Issues Making Modern China, Northstar, 17 October 2014, London

China’s middle class in making”, The New Asian Middle Class Signature Conference, Asia House. 8 April 2014, London

“Development and Dissent in China’s ‘Urban Age’”, LSE Student Union China Week, “What is Contemporary China?”, 7 March 2014, London

Panelist, Rise of China’s Megacities: Young Professionals China Discussion and Networking, London, UK. Organised by the China-Britain Business Council, the China-Britain Youth Association and Ernst & Young Far East Network, 10 September 2012, London